• The survey said

    Have just finished learning how to do a bit of flash, which was nice. I was trying to make a simple site which played a sound on clicking, as I knew nothing of flash I tried to find ways to do it via javascript, but that turned out to be very lame. I also tried […]

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  • KFC Breakfast Menu

    We were hungry the other morning at work so someone decided to pop off to KFC to get some breakfast stuff, try as hard as we could it was not possible to find a menu anywhere online for what they do! Later it became apparent that this was because breakfasts were not official yet and […]

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  • Been spendin’

    So yea, I bought another 20″ Widescreen monitor (LG L204WS) so my desk will be pretty much full of them, will be nice to have two monitors again too, especially since I’ll be doing a lot of website work, and ooh, I’ll be able to use the dual screen mode in games like Supreme Commander. […]

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  • Trackmania mania

    It’s nice to have a desktop again, I get get onto things that weren’t possible with the piddly laptop, thankfully I should be getting a nicer laptop soon too. I’ve taken the opportunity to re-encode some of the videos on the site, so they now look nicer and sound better, I’ll also be uploading the […]

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  • Signatures

    I was bored and haven’t had a forum signature for a long time due to not having access to a lot of my old files, and now I have a desktop PC I can actually make something look half decent, just made a couple: I’ve Also used a few neat tricks to spruce things up […]

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  • “Still Alive” Typography

    For everyone at work; Portal – Still Alive typography from Trickster on Vimeo.

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  • More randomness

    Because of the PC situation and the problems I’ve had with it I’ve now got another PC and have got rid of my laptop for now, which means I can at least get on with some design work and play some games finally. I’m going to see if I can get the other PC replaced […]

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  • Hallelujah

    Finally after over a week I’ve confirmed the problem with the PC, both my memory and processors work fine in another PC, but this means that both of my motherboards are fried! The brand new OCZ Power supply must have had some knid of grudge against me and maliciously decided to annoy the crap out […]

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  • Aion Improvements Comparison

    The team behind Aion have released some news and screenshots detailing their new lighting and shadow changes to the Aion engine (cryengine), the difference is evident, but I thought it would be nice to compare them directly, look at the images below and move your mouse over to see the improved image, hopefully it provides […]

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  • Trials of the geek

    Here we are again, another component up and still the computer is dead, it’s mind boggling… Now my newer power supply seems to have bitten the dust. I cant help but think that the universe is trying to tell me something, because it certainly doesn’t make much sense. The only part that has now not […]

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