• Banned again

    Ooops, got myself suspended from the OCUK forums, I guess maybe I shouldn’t tempt fate, RIP “thanks for the info”, long live “Planks for the info” seriously a little creativity never hurt anyone, except maybe those with no sense of humor 😉 Additionally I’m pretty proud of myself, after completing work on the gallery I […]

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    Nov 30th, 2008 | Filed under Life
  • Other than that

    I have been working quite intently on customizing a gallery, for no other reason than I wanted to make it look and work exactly how I wanted. It took a lot of reverse engineering and it went through several different versions and I think I’m done. Check out the gallery script here. I also got […]

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    Nov 29th, 2008 | Filed under Life
  • Too Human

    It was in my rental list and instead of getting Mirror’s Edge I was sent too human, I might have been excited about this if I hadn’t tried the demo a few days ago and been very disappointed, but I want to up my gamerscore. The game was kind of fun but had a lot […]

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  • New Star Trek XI trailer

    Not a massive Trek fan, but JJ Abrams new Star Trek “reboot” has been looking good the past few months, no more so than today. The new trailer popped up yesterday and I have to say it looks very good. Part of me thinks this is one of those “the trailer was better than the […]

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    Nov 18th, 2008 | Filed under Movies
  • Streaming video

    After hours of trying last night I’ve finally perfected video streaming from my server, basically this means that like on Youtube I can now put videos up and be able to seek to any point within the video without having the whole file loaded, something which I thought was not possible without custom server side […]

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  • Big ball knockouts

    Had to share it;

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    Nov 14th, 2008 | Filed under Youtube
  • Six minutes of Far Cry 2

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    Nov 14th, 2008 | Filed under Gaming, Video
  • Mirror’s Edge

    I had the pleasure of playing the Mirror’s Edge demo last night, I’ve been meaning to download it but forgot. I’m glad I did, the graphics look great, whilst not the most detailed around they have a lovely style to them, very clean and sharp, the city beyond the rooftops is suitably modelled too, towering […]

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    Nov 12th, 2008 | Filed under Gaming, Video
  • Gears of War 2

    I forgot how much I loved Gears of War, playing Gears 2 brings back all the awesome memories, sadly the beauty of the graphics is lost on me now, Gears 2 looks great, but partially due to the choice of scenes in Gears 2 and me being spoilt by all the latest games I didnt […]

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    Nov 12th, 2008 | Filed under Gaming, Life, Video
  • Statistics!

    Not that this website gets enough hits (or ever will) for stats to be important or even relevant, but as usual this site is acting as a testing ground, I’ve been looking for a stats program that looks nice and has everything I need and assumed I did not have access to install stuff on […]

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    Nov 8th, 2008 | Filed under Dev, Web
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