• Today I became a Daeva

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  • More Aion Beta

    This is a quick post just to add the video below and to link to some screenshots I’ve taken from the beta. I’ve been playing for a few hours and getting closer to level 10 (when you can get your wings I believe) I’m having fun and enjoying the combo system and the general feel […]

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  • Aion Chinese Beta

    So as you may know from some of my other posts I have been looking forward to playing Aion for some time, there is now a Chinese open beta out and I’ve just got it downloaded, installed and patched it with the English patch. Most of the text is in English and it plays quite […]

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  • Coding pointless stuff

    Yeo that’s right, there’s nothing more time consuming than coding php and html for random stuff that no-one is ever going to see. But again that’s half the point of this site, to test things out and to see what is possible. It’s also fun to learn. Using this site and my own curiosity I […]

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  • Chicken Pop Pops

    Ever been to KFC and loved their popcorn chicken? Me too, so I was jumping when I found these popcorn chicken style nugget things in my local Iceland. They are shamelessly called “Chicken Pop Pops” and the packaging has a more than passing resemblance to KFC, it even says “SFC” on the box. Well the […]

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  • And there was Sega and it was good

    This isn’t a real one I’m not exactly sure why, but I dug the Dreamcast out of storage and hooked it up today. Last time I tried it wouldn’t work, just a blank screen, it did exactly the same thing this time, no video and no sound. Apparently there was some kind of gunk in […]

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  • Post your hardware failures and WIN A 4GB Flash Voyager Mini

    4GB Flash Voyager Mini This is aimed at those who build or fix PCs, their own or others. I would like to know what your hardware failures have been so we know which brands are doing well and which components people should avoid. I will be collating at least two lists; One for top product […]

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  • A few new pages

    New hotness I was snooping through Google Webmaster tools I was intrigued by their 404 error page helper which tries to add useful links to your error pages. So I decided to set about making my own error page which was as helpful as possible, I know that it’s not the most popular or important […]

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  • 20 minutes of F.E.A.R.2.

    Here’s one I made earlier, I was going to edit up a video of different levels and stuff, but in the end I decided “fuck it” and just made a 20 minute video from raw footage. So here is a full 20 minutes of unedited Fear 2. Note that it is a little dark (I […]

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