• Perfect Dark XBLA

    Perfect Dark was one of my favourite games on the Nintendo 64, still one of my favourite consoles ever. It expanded on the formula from Goldeneye and added as many features as Rare could manage to squeeze in, it also allowed them to create their own universe, characters and plot. Simply put Perfect Dark was […]

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    Mar 22nd, 2010 | Filed under Gaming
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review

    I’ve been a fan of Battlefield games since the original, from playing Desert Combat to 2142 on the PC. They have always been a staple of my gaming time and none more so than Bad Company on the 360. I poured days upon days into it’s fantastic gold rush mode with terrain destruction, advanced technology […]

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  • New look Old look

    As you may or may not have noticed I have reverted back to the theme I originally used for the site, got sick of the mystique skin just being too big. One day I’ll have to design my own skin! Until then I have updated this one with lots of little icons. As you may […]

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  • More UFOs, More PHPs and PNGs

    X-COM Apocalypse So after completing the other X-COM games’ UFOpedias I finally found the images to make the X-COM Apocalypse UFOPEDIA, probably the most important because there doesn’t actually appear to be another one online anywhere. Yet again I used more PHP to achieve relative page links by using elseif statements, much easier yet again […]

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  • Teddies invading invading invading

    Love the repetition and insanity, If I were to craft the world this is what it would look like, everywhere, every day. By Cyriak

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  • Final Fantasy XIII UK Advert is… WOW

    Love this advert, almost makes me want to buy a Final Fantasy game, but then I realise I could never endure all the random turn based battle “arenas”. Airing in the UK and some of Europe this advert features music from Leona Lewis.

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  • Youtube caption fail

    I was really looking forward to the inclusion of automatic captioning from Youtube, it seemed like a really easy way of providing information to deaf people and really giving more of a sense of completion to my videos. However, the whole system hinges on the accuracy of Youtube/Google’s voice recognition software. A few of my […]

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  • Rasta Monkey browser game

    Rasta monkey is a game about a monkey… What kind of monkey? A rasta monkey of course. This game is based on the Unity engine, which is a free downloadable plugin for your browser, letting you play 3D and more involving games through your Firefox… What other browsers? Haha don’t make me laugh. Anyway Rasta […]

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  • Darksiders

    I learned of this game from adverts on TV, they were sponsoring all the shows I watched apparently, the adverts made the game look really nice and so I got it on rental. The first thing needed to be said about Darksiders is that the game’s title floats entirely on it’s own, no reference is […]

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