• Come doodle with me on Android

    The main menu If you have ever played Pictionary you’ll be familiar with the concept of What the Doodle. You are dropped in a room with four other people and you each get two turns drawing a phrase. Hilarity ensues when you have no idea what’s being drawn or no idea how to draw a […]

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    Apr 20th, 2010 | Filed under Gaming, Technology
  • Dreamhost in review

    I have been with Dreamhost now for over a year and I thought I would share my experiences. I first signed up on a special deal for a completely unlimited package with all the disk space and bandwidth I can use for $10 a month (£6.50 to me). Obviously pretty cheap when I had previously […]

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    Apr 15th, 2010 | Filed under Dev, Web
  • Is Blu-ray dead already?

    I ask only because as a person who loves to grab the latest gadgets and games I really have a hard time justifying Blu-Ray, in fact I have a hard time even considering shelling out ~£100 for a player. The format is treading familiar territory alright, optical discs from CDs to DVDs have been massive […]

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    Apr 8th, 2010 | Filed under Life, Technology
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