• Microcosm CD32 intro movie

    Yep you guessed it, been messing around with more childhood classics, this time it’s Microcosm on the CD32. I must have watched this FMV a million times when I was young, it was the best thing I had laid eyes on at the time. The game itself was pretty crap and by today’s standards the […]

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    Mar 31st, 2009 | Filed under Gaming, Video
  • FEAR 2

    After playing the terribly bad port of FEAR on the xbox I decided to get up to date with the franchise and play some FEAR 2 : Project Origin. I was actually impressed, firstly you have to understand that it’s nothing special, It’s not the best game ever or the most innovative, but it is […]

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    Mar 21st, 2009 | Filed under Gaming
  • Halo 3 Panoramas

    Not feeling in the mood to actually play the game and having a short attention span I for some reason set about making some Halo 3 panoramas (or halorama if you will). I think I saw something about it on a halo website and as usual thought “oooh I’ll try that” and set about taking […]

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    Jan 15th, 2009 | Filed under Gaming, Images
  • Loco Roco 2 (Flash)

    I was a huuuuge fan of Loco Roco on the PSP, have been toying with the idea of getting another one (would be my third). In the meantime though I found this lovely minigame based on Loco Roco, the music brings back the memories!  

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    Jan 6th, 2009 | Filed under Flash games
  • The circle of life

    So I downloaded eve the other week with the intention of playing again, with a new character though as my old one is gone for good. Finally got around to singing up for an account and had a little fun, still need a lot more skill points and some money though before I’ll start playing […]

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  • Kane & Lynch

    Tried out Kane & Lynch as someone recommended it to me, I wasn’t expecting much but was prepared to be surprised… I wasn’t, the graphics are quite good, nice lighting and textures. The story also seems believable and there are some scenes early on which feel pretty good to play, mainly where you’re hanging out […]

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    Dec 13th, 2008 | Filed under Gaming
  • Too Human

    It was in my rental list and instead of getting Mirror’s Edge I was sent too human, I might have been excited about this if I hadn’t tried the demo a few days ago and been very disappointed, but I want to up my gamerscore. The game was kind of fun but had a lot […]

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    Nov 29th, 2008 | Filed under Gaming
  • Six minutes of Far Cry 2

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    Nov 14th, 2008 | Filed under Gaming, Video
  • Mirror’s Edge

    I had the pleasure of playing the Mirror’s Edge demo last night, I’ve been meaning to download it but forgot. I’m glad I did, the graphics look great, whilst not the most detailed around they have a lovely style to them, very clean and sharp, the city beyond the rooftops is suitably modelled too, towering […]

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    Nov 12th, 2008 | Filed under Gaming, Video
  • Gears of War 2

    I forgot how much I loved Gears of War, playing Gears 2 brings back all the awesome memories, sadly the beauty of the graphics is lost on me now, Gears 2 looks great, but partially due to the choice of scenes in Gears 2 and me being spoilt by all the latest games I didnt […]

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    Nov 12th, 2008 | Filed under Gaming, Life, Video
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