• The real mirror’s edge

    Yep, that’s right, get used to looking at air vents and dingy enclosed areas if you’re going to play Mirror’s Edge. In my older post I wsa very impressed with the Mirror’s Edge demo, it looked and felt brilliant. However the full game for me was a big disappointment; Firstly you can forget leaping from […]

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    Jan 31st, 2009 | Filed under Gaming
  • Mirror’s Edge

    I had the pleasure of playing the Mirror’s Edge demo last night, I’ve been meaning to download it but forgot. I’m glad I did, the graphics look great, whilst not the most detailed around they have a lovely style to them, very clean and sharp, the city beyond the rooftops is suitably modelled too, towering […]

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    Nov 12th, 2008 | Filed under Gaming, Video
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