• Noby Noby Boy

    This is Noby Noby Boy, a quirky little game released on PSN. It was created by the same mind behind Katamari. However it is a lot more relaxed and much more random. Firstly there is no real challenge in Noby Noby Boy and conceivably all levels will be unlocked without you lifting a finger. Firstly […]

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  • Facebook profile pic faux pas

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  • Transparency Thinger

    Got bored again and as usual coded some completely random an useless piece of php. This one basically lets you input the url of any image on the net and then outputs the image on 4 different shades of background from black to that lovely chequered “transparency” image. It took a little while to perfect […]

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  • Gripshift

    It’s not a new game and it’s now available on PS3 and XBLA, but I’m hooked on the PSP version at the moment, I love getting all the stars and bouncing around the track to find the best speed and to grab the bonuses. I’ve only really completed the beginner stages so far but from […]

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  • Gaming Soap

    Yes that is a NES controller made from soap! The great folks at Digital Soaps have made variety of fantastic gaming soaps for those that like to include their favourite console in their everyday life. Imagine getting a shower with your Xbox 360 controller. I can only imagine it may become a little confusing when […]

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  • The tragedy of GTA IV

    I’ve been playing a lot more GTA IV, but mainly online and mainly just messing around in the city flying helicopters around. There’s something therapeutic about driving boats and helicopters around a city that seems so big and interactive. The main problem I’ve had with GTA IV is the lack of co-op missions, the game […]

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  • Memory card benchmarks

    I was looking for some cheap Sony Memory Sticks for my PSP as I’m in need of a lot more space for music, video etc… However, the state of the flash memory market hasn’t changed and PRO DUO cards are still much more expensive than Micro SD cards. An 8GB PRO duo costs around £25 […]

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