• Universe At War £2 on

    I’m not going to go in depth with a review, but Universe At War is a fun game to play especially for RTS nuts. The graphics are crisp and shiny with DX10 support and it runs pretty well. The best feature of this game though is the varied factions, they are so different from each […]

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  • Left 4 Speed


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  • Supreme Commander

    Got back into Supreme Commander again, this time with a vengeance. Me and Dave have been playing quite a few matches against AI and each other, though maybe we should play each other a little more often. Keep forgetting that I have forged alliance, will have to get that installed again 🙂 I love those […]

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  • Little Big Planet review (ZP)

    Little Big Planet, arguably the saviour of the PS3, the shining beacon which is such an epic piece of work only an idiot would not like. Or… Is it? I never got the hype of LBP, sure it might be a nice platformer to play but to say that it is revolutionary because it lets […]

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  • Turok (2008)

    I never played the original Turok much, but did play Turok 2 quite a bit and I found it brilliant. The graphics were awesome for the time and the universe it was set in was brilliant, you had a native American taken out of his tribe to fight mutant dinosaurs with space ships and a […]

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  • GTA 4

    Well I finally gave it a stab, spent a good couple of hours playing. The first thing that struck me is that the game seems to want you to carry out Niko’s life in minute detail. You have to go play pool with people, take them to the “cabaret” and go for meals etcetera… I’m […]

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  • The real mirror’s edge

    Yep, that’s right, get used to looking at air vents and dingy enclosed areas if you’re going to play Mirror’s Edge. In my older post I wsa very impressed with the Mirror’s Edge demo, it looked and felt brilliant. However the full game for me was a big disappointment; Firstly you can forget leaping from […]

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  • Halo 3 Panoramas

    Not feeling in the mood to actually play the game and having a short attention span I for some reason set about making some Halo 3 panoramas (or halorama if you will). I think I saw something about it on a halo website and as usual thought “oooh I’ll try that” and set about taking […]

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  • Halo 3 rides again

    I have been bugging Tony to play some halo 3 and we finally got round to it again. It’s as much fun as it ever was, but there’s still those moments where you shout in disbelief as you can’t figure out what on earth just happened. There’s also the cries of joy when you throw […]

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  • The circle of life

    So I downloaded eve the other week with the intention of playing again, with a new character though as my old one is gone for good. Finally got around to singing up for an account and had a little fun, still need a lot more skill points and some money though before I’ll start playing […]

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