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This is a collection of my currently active “projects” websites and/or developments I feel are separate from the main website and which you visitor people may be interested in. 🙂

Websites V4NT0M.COM
There’s nothing much there yet but It will house my gaming videos and blogs just as soon as I stop doing a bunch of overtime!
Martin Cross
My personal profile website with social links and contact info. More like an online business card really.
This is a complete UFOpedia for XCOM UFO Defense, Terror from the Deep & Apocalypse. Contains all images from all UFOpedias, key navigation, EXE downloads and search.
Random Doh Random Doh!
A soundbite website which plays the classic Homer Simpson “doh” sound.

And the survey said... And the survey said…
A soundbite website which plays the classic “wrong” sound effect from family fortunes.
Transparency Thinger Transparency Thinger
A little PHP tool that lets you view image files on differently shaded backgrounds, this is helpful when checking transparent GIF/PNG images to see how they look on different background colours.


Redirecting a subdomain to another server/host
Adding HTML/Image to widget titles in WordPress
How to show different content in index/post in WordPress


Sonic 10th Anniversary Pack
Yujin Dreamcast Gashapon
Opening up the Xbox 360

Latest Userstyles


3360×1050 Desktop Wallpapers
Sprite Galleries 1 | 2 | 3
Media Browser
Longest Webpage Ever
Eve cargo capacity calcultor (out of date, reference only)
HEX color preview (change ?hex=FFFFFF in address to preview)

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