• iPhone ’86

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  • Dimensions of Tetris

    After playing Tetris on the PSP for hours I’ve become addicted to it and have been playing every version I can get my hands on. Mainly I have been playing on Tetris Friends which has some great online versions of Tetris including a remake of GB Tetris. I wrote an article some ago on Tetris […]

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  • And there was Sega and it was good

    This isn’t a real one I’m not exactly sure why, but I dug the Dreamcast out of storage and hooked it up today. Last time I tried it wouldn’t work, just a blank screen, it did exactly the same thing this time, no video and no sound. Apparently there was some kind of gunk in […]

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  • Microcosm CD32 intro movie

    Yep you guessed it, been messing around with more childhood classics, this time it’s Microcosm on the CD32. I must have watched this FMV a million times when I was young, it was the best thing I had laid eyes on at the time. The game itself was pretty crap and by today’s standards the […]

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  • Retro Amiga action

    It’s funny how the smallest of things can set you off on a quest, someone recently linked a flash driving game on the OcUK forums, I enjoyed it but it reminded me of a game I used to have on the Amiga CD32 which was Super Skidmarks. I just love it, the different vehicles you […]

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