• SEGA logo fun takes you back

    Everyone remembers the SEGA logo and sound from MegaDrive/Genesis games, that distinctive droll “sega” chorus. Every now and then a game would come along with a different intro and my eyes would pop out in surprise. I knew there were a few unique animations but apparently I had no idea… The people over at whipassgaming […]

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    Sep 4th, 2010 | Filed under Gaming
  • And there was Sega and it was good

    This isn’t a real one I’m not exactly sure why, but I dug the Dreamcast out of storage and hooked it up today. Last time I tried it wouldn’t work, just a blank screen, it did exactly the same thing this time, no video and no sound. Apparently there was some kind of gunk in […]

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    Apr 8th, 2009 | Filed under Gaming, Life
  • Universe At War £2 on

    I’m not going to go in depth with a review, but Universe At War is a fun game to play especially for RTS nuts. The graphics are crisp and shiny with DX10 support and it runs pretty well. The best feature of this game though is the varied factions, they are so different from each […]

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    Feb 19th, 2009 | Filed under Gaming
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