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Yet again boredom made me do random things, I decided to pick up a little image upload program so if I wanted to host a pic I wouldnt have to use another site or load up FTP, so I grabbed a simple image uploading script and spruced it up with some preset bbcode & html copy/paste boxes and with the experience I’ve gained of PHP thumbnailing, look at the lovely thumbnails it makes me;

As you can see it adds the file size details and a nice little magnifying glass just for no apparent reason obviously they’re a little low quality, but who cares its a thumbnail, less bandwidth. Man I love mod_rewrite, it makes life so much easier changing a string like /thumb.php?w=250&fltr[]=wmi|zoom.gif|TL|85|0|0|&fltr[]=bord|2|&fltr[]=wmt|^Xx^Y\ (^FkKB)|11|B|FFFFFF|arial.ttf|100|7||000000|100|x&src=26446.jpg into /thumbs/26446.jpg is chronicles of ridiculous.

Time I went to bed, more random crap tomorrow, might start posting some interesting stuff! In the mean time play some spore 😉

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  1. phil
    Oct 17th, 2008 at 16:11 | #1

    f me cross your such a fooking crazy head

    mega lolz

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