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I was bored and haven’t had a forum signature for a long time due to not having access to a lot of my old files, and now I have a desktop PC I can actually make something look half decent, just made a couple:

I’ve Also used a few neat tricks to spruce things up a bit; firstly I used the url shrinker I mentioned in a previous post so I only have to put in instead of the full image url, makes it easier to remember and it also means that in the future if I change my signature I don’t have to go about many sites to edit it, just have to change it in one place and all websites will have the new one.

I also used an image rotation script, which means that every time someone views a page with my signature on it loads a random one of the above images and displays it, so people will get a little variety.

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Posted: Last modified: November 8, 2008 @ 3:17 am