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Following on from the last post I registered another domain and basically used exactly the same code but changed the images and sound, so now we have a lovely Random DOH!, I prefer the family fortunes one, it just feels more slick, I might add a background to the new one though, just light doughnuts or something.

I’ve also abandoned another one of my website ideas because it just seems like it would take either too much effort and/or too many people to actually be involved. There’s also the question of the subject material (Aion), will it be popular enough to warrant the effort, or even the registration of the domain name. I think I may still do something similar in general rather than specifically Aion.

And then of course there’s the “you know what really grinds my gears” site which Anthony seems to love the idea of, and to be honest if I can get the layout right and a catchy name it might just be worthwhile, but as with most of my projects it doesn’t really have widespread appeal and is not the kind of site you would visit daily, dam I should have kept nupo’s old format with quirky news (it seemed to kinda work), it’s a shame that at is incorporeal at the moment, I would totally bring that back now.

P.S. Floor horse is the new ceiling cat. 😀


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