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After all this time working with websites and domains I’ve finally done something I’ve always wanted to but never really looked into much, I’ve forwarded one of my subdomains to a different server, not a massive achievement in itself, but it makes it easier to implement other features in the future and means that I can add redundancy to important projects, for example having a mirror for what may be an important link so that if this server gets too slow or goes down the other one is available to serve that link, for now the only subdomain pointing to another server is, the space there is actually free.

I also decided to write a little guide to illustrate the above too, which I have done, but have not yet finalised the visual aspects of it, so for now it’s here, in very plain form.

In other news I was shopping the other day and decided to bring out the TOFF in me and actually try some caviar, I’ve heard so much about it, you know all those posh and rich types in movies ordering caviar and such. It wasn’t exactly expensive though, so maybe I’m not experiencing the full expensive caviar taste. I had it on Ritz crackers with Philadelphia, and it was… Errr… Different, I definitely wouldn’t choose to eat it, but I wouldn’t call it tasty, it just tasted fishy. Maybe next time I’ll go for the more expensive stuff and see what all the hoo-haa is about 😀 Tomorrow; Lobster.

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