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It was in my rental list and instead of getting Mirror’s Edge I was sent too human, I might have been excited about this if I hadn’t tried the demo a few days ago and been very disappointed, but I want to up my gamerscore. The game was kind of fun but had a lot of problems, I put them down to it being a demo…

The most noticeable problem is the graphics, a lot of the screenshots of too human look good, detailed faces and close ups, but when playing the actual game you realise that it was built on an old graphics engine that has been pushed to it’s limits, some parts just look terrible.

One of the other problems is the learning curve, the game gives you hints but they are few and far between, the main hints being quite useless anyway, the major things like taking down the big bosses by jumping on them you kinda have to guess, I still don’t know exactly how that bit works and I’ve killed quote a few of them.

Camera angles are also a problem, but this is caused by them not using the right analog stick for the camera, which is bad but they replace it with melee control, which actually works quite well. You pull the stick on the direction you want to attack and when there are 20 enemies attacking its a godsend, jump in the air and pull the direction you want to fly to the enemy and take them out mid air, satisfying, but only for so long.

I’ll say this for the game: it’s fun and the graphics whilst limited look good in combat, however it is only fun for a short while, combat is very stunted and I didn’t really feel like I was getting anywhere with new weapons and levels. Cyberspace is a terrible waste of time and the story bits in-between the main action just prolong the game for no reason, I haven’t finished it yet, but I doubt I will because every level is pretty much the same.

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