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banned for the info

Ooops, got myself suspended from the OCUK forums, I guess maybe I shouldn’t tempt fate, RIP “thanks for the info”, long live “Planks for the info” seriously a little creativity never hurt anyone, except maybe those with no sense of humor 😉

Additionally I’m pretty proud of myself, after completing work on the gallery I set about making some more mod_rewrites for the site, now I can make a thumbnail of any image on the site by just adding /thumb/ before the path and can also set the max width of any image I want my adding /sizer/****/****/ which means I don’t have to bother uploading files in any certain resolution, makes it easy to post the images on forums etc without having to pull them into photoshop or whatever.

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Posted: Last modified: November 30, 2008 @ 8:23 pm