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I couldn’t think of 24 reasons so here are 24/2 reasons why I’m really not liking the latest series of 24, if you haven’t watched any of it yet you may want to look away now;

1: CTU – It’s gone, but people like Chloe have just been given new bodies, everyone in CTU has an almost direct analog in the FBI.

2: Kim Bauer – I miss her… Errr… Acting!

3: Tony Almeida – Not anywhere near as uber as he should be at the moment, seems like he’s just a plot device to bring Jack back.

4: Jack – 24 has become way too focused on him and he’s such a martyr!

5: Moles – There’s always a mole!

6: Terrorist threat – It’s Die Hard 4, no deadly weaponized virus, no bombs, nothing scary.

7: New President – Emotional range of a wet flannel.

8: CIP firewall – Surely there’s a contingency plan in case this is breached? If not… WTF!?

9: Dialogue – “We got bumped, it came from the kernel”, “The kernel, but that’s protected” LOL!! Almost as bad as a previous series’ “It looks like someone is trying to corrupt the Internet”.

10: Tony again – Who was conveniently “whisked away by emergency services” but no one noticed and Tony managed to escape these emergency personnel with them thinking he was dead? What, that makes no sense whatsoever.

11: Whitehouse – Total change, no one left from the old series’. I miss Novak and pals.

12: Tony AGAIN – Why did his picture have to slowly come up on the screen?! We all knew who it was!

Anyone got anymore?

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  1. Jan 31st, 2009 at 13:20 | #1

    Not to ruin anymore plot, but a lot of the problems I pointed out here have been rectified in further episodes 😀

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