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Anyone else not like the defrag tool in vista, not only does it not show you any kind of visual representation of the fragmentation of your disk or the fragmentation percentage, but it seems to take forever to complete it’s run, infact, on my laptop [250GB HDD] even after leaving it run for 10+ hours it have not once finished or said it was done de-fragmenting. Even after running another defrag tool it still would never finish. So here’s a little alternative, if you want to have a defrag done in a timeframe that suits you and not Zeus himself then give AUSlogics defrag a go, it gives you a visual image of the data on your disk, completes quickly and even tells you an estimate of the % it will speed up your disk when it has finished it’s run. Best of all it’s free! 😀 Try out their registry defrag tool too.

AUSlogics defrag

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