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Little Big Planet, arguably the saviour of the PS3, the shining beacon which is such an epic piece of work only an idiot would not like. Or… Is it? I never got the hype of LBP, sure it might be a nice platformer to play but to say that it is revolutionary because it lets you design levels with mechanical moving bits is like saying a turd can make it into space and land on the moon by sticking lots of jet shaped stickers on it and making it smell like honey. In other words all I see is a platformer, not the second coming.

Thankfully Yahtzee agrees with me;

  1. Keith
    Apr 1st, 2009 at 12:43 | #1

    im not sure i agree, and i dont remember anyone saying it was revolutionary. what i like about it is it does hark back to the old gaming style, it just brings the platformer into the next gen. i think the hype is what many games suffer from, that they are shown about 3 years before they come out so once they are out, its hard to be actual impressed anymore.

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