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After playing the terribly bad port of FEAR on the xbox I decided to get up to date with the franchise and play some FEAR 2 : Project Origin. I was actually impressed, firstly you have to understand that it’s nothing special, It’s not the best game ever or the most innovative, but it is worth playing. It’s really a simple shooter with slow-mo, but the graphics are nice and it runs very well on even an entry level system.


One of the best upgrades from the original is the ability to carry more than two weapons, now we are able to carry four! Although it sounds quite simple it is a nice change which made the game a lot more enjoyable, you’re not worrying too much about ammo or which weapon you should be picking up you just collect the best ones for the job. FEAR 2 also has a nice weapon selection HUD, it’s not exactly new, but it looks nice and can be usefull especially because the weapons are not necessarily in any particular order.


Slow motion also looks a lot better in this version, with some nice bullet trails and of course the usual errr… Matrix sound 😛 I barely ever used slow motion in FEAR, I’m not really sure why, it just seemed very superfluous. Yet in FEAR 2 I used it a lot more, maybe even too much, it is probably because I found that the levels are designed in such a way to put you in contact with more enemies at once. While we’re on the subject of survivability they have tweaked the game a little so that there are not so many health packs around but maybe a little more armor, this way you don’t have to worry about actually using the med kit every 10 seconds. I also have not died for a stupid reason yet, in the previous FEAR game I managed to die a lot of times due to stupid game design and random occurrences.


There’s not much more to say about it really, because it’s very simply just run and shoot, pick up different weapons and kill kill kill! Pick it up if you see it cheap 🙂

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