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It’s funny how the smallest of things can set you off on a quest, someone recently linked a flash driving game on the OcUK forums, I enjoyed it but it reminded me of a game I used to have on the Amiga CD32 which was Super Skidmarks.

I just love it, the different vehicles you can use and the tracks are kinda 3D. For some reason I just love the concept, someone should make an updated version of it, nothing too lavish just upgraded graphics in the same vain.

Anyway as usual I went off on one and decided to make a video of some of the vehicles in thae game (and incidentally all the tracks), I had nothing but trouble making the video as I had problem after problem, I should have given up but as usual I persevered and behold some of the fun vehicles you can play with in Super Skidmarks, sorry for the crappy youtube video, but for some reason my FLV converter is broken so you’ll have to make do:

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  1. keith
    Mar 30th, 2009 at 16:44 | #1

    Totally agree, i think as it is it would port well to the DS, maybe even have the stylus for controlling the direction.
    Though maybe an upgrade to psp or ps3 would be great.

    Having an online scoreboard and 8 online/offline player mode would be sweet.

    if i had more time id love to try and port this over to the psp, surely someone must be working on a port :S

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