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This isn’t a real one

I’m not exactly sure why, but I dug the Dreamcast out of storage and hooked it up today. Last time I tried it wouldn’t work, just a blank screen, it did exactly the same thing this time, no video and no sound. Apparently there was some kind of gunk in the s-video prongs, once cleaned it worked a treat!

Had a quick game of SF Alpha 3, a few games of Soul Calibur and had a crack at Chaos Field, which reminded me how hard shootemups can be. It’s a joy to have the Dreamcast back out again, the only problems I have are that it has faded into some ugly beige colour in its old age and I forgot how big the DC jewel cases are. I set about moving them into smaller compact cases and they now take up one quarter of the space they used to. Made good use of my new printer too, printing off new labels 😀

I think I might have a punt around ebay and see if there are any Dreamcast bargains to be had. Wow, already had a look and there are loads, pads for £5, a rumble and VMU for £3! It’s almost too good to be true. I think I’ll post up some kind of Dreamcast tribute some time soon, it was one of the best consoles ever 🙂

Additionally, this guy > you.

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