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Well I managed to get my hands on a smaller Torx screwdriver, got it all to pieces and god rid of those dreaded X-Clamp mofos, now I’ve put it all back together and it’s working fine. The only problem is that the xbox seems to think that it’s getting too warm as the fans are constantly stuck on “shuttle launch” mode so although the xbox now works it’s not exactly playable… So I’ve ordered myself some thermal paste from ebay to see if that improves the heat dissipation. Although I can’t really feel too much heat in the xbox to warrant the fans being on full blast so much.

And here’s a little close up shot of those dreaded X-Clamps you’ve been hearing so much about:

Any way, here’s some more Xbox innards:

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  1. Aug 2nd, 2009 at 18:32 | #1

    mmmm look at the valves! mmmmmm

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