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Yes that is a NES controller made from soap! The great folks at Digital Soaps have made variety of fantastic gaming soaps for those that like to include their favourite console in their everyday life. Imagine getting a shower with your Xbox 360 controller. I can only imagine it may become a little confusing when you sit down at your friend’s house for a quick game of Halo and he’s wondering why you’re rubbing his controller all over yourself.

There are many different styles but my favourites are the Tetris soap pack, which you can create your own Tetris scene with. The SNES controller, which holds so many fond memories and of course the Xbox 360 controller, confuse your friends and yourself with these fantastic soaps. 😀

I’m thinking of ordering some myself, though the price tag is a little steep for some of them, it may be worth it to complete that geeky look you’ve been cultivating for all these years.

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