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This is Noby Noby Boy, a quirky little game released on PSN. It was created by the same mind behind Katamari. However it is a lot more relaxed and much more random. Firstly there is no real challenge in Noby Noby Boy and conceivably all levels will be unlocked without you lifting a finger.

Firstly I’ll point out that “Nobi” means “stretch” in Japanese. The basic premise of Noby Noby Boy is to stretch yourself (you are the “Boy” i think) as long as you can and then submit this score to the “Girl”. Then your score is added to the total score for everyone who has played the game and over time the length you have added will allow the Girl to reach other planets or levels. Each level is a small floating square with buildings, people and random objects scattered around.

You can also eat the people and objects that appear on levels though I’m not sure what this accomplishes except for the comical screams of the inhabitants and the pretty amusing speed at which people fly from your poophole.

Your “Boy” is controlled by using the analog sticks, the left analog stick moves the front end of your wormy, stretchy thing and the right analog stick controls the arse end. You can also fly the respective ends by pressing L2 and R2.

So in short the aim of the game is to stretch your “Boy” until you think he’s long enough and then present your length to the “Girl” where you score…. !!! I can only assume that this was somehow intentional, nobody could be that suggestive accidentally could they? Either way it’s a novelty to play and can be relaxing too.

  1. Jul 31st, 2009 at 18:55 | #1

    I lke the noises it makes when he poops

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