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I had a bit of a UFO Enemy Unknown binge the other week after I bought the whole series on steam for £2, I played it for hours and hours. It reminded me of the old UFOpedia site I made a few years ago which replicated the interface within the game. So I decided to make it again, however, the way I coded it back then was extremely time consuming and not very adaptable. I had to go through 115+ HTML files and put all the right links in the right place. These days knowing how easy PHP is I decided to use PHP to do it all. You can check it out here: X-COM UFOpedia

X-COM UFO Defense UFOpedia X-COM Terror from the Deep UFOpedia

Having coded every link to parse the URL parameters I only had to code one page, sure it may have taken close to the same time but it was a lot less tedious and a much better learning experience. It also means that I can update the page to fit into any design I wish with the minimal of effort. I think I will code up a Terror From the Deep USOpedia, should be pretty easy now I’ve basically got all the code.

Edit: USOpedia is now online too: Terror from the Deep UFOpedia, I also added an index page which displays all the images on one page like so. Maybe someone will find it useful, probably not.

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