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So as you can see from the announcement above I had a few problems with the site, it seems that I did not update my WordPress fast enough and some malware was disseminated throughout the PHP on my site. I chugged on oblivious to this until my host helpfully pointed it out and removed the malicious code. This however caused WordPress to catastrophically fail meaning I had to spend quite some time putting it right.

It was a strange experience, I came perilously close to nuking the whole site and starting afresh on another domain. At least though it would have been nice to keep all the old posts as some of them are still quite popular. And this brings me to my current conundrum, I have always felt like restarting my old site, posting random and funny news, design a fresh new look and put my personal spin on things. But I’m not sure whether I should just post that stuff here or another domain, or maybe try to join another site. After all there are many similar blogs out there… What am I going to bring to the table?

I know that pretty much no one is reading this, I just like to muse and like to put my thoughts down on paper, whilst I ponder my options I think at the very least I’ll get some more posts up on here and make it a little more lively…



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