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Fancy spending 10 minutes with a charming 8bit looking MMO? Well now you can, thanks to a neat little browser game called Browser Quest. The game is made by Mozilla and whilst there is only 5 or 10 minutes of “Questing” it’s a nice, relaxed jaunt through what feels like such a familiar world. So simple yet so satisfying, Mozilla’s Browser Quest was made to show off WebSockets which is a way of keeping your browser in constant communication with  the server.

You will be able to fight alongside and chat with other players as they play this charming little game. I love these types of games and the simple design of this HTML 5 demo really makes it look easy. It also makes me wonder if someone else might take this further and make a full on retro MMO with the code and technology, I would love to give it a bash. In the mean time I guess this is the push I needed to go and play Zenonia, I love that little game 🙂

Oh and don’t forget to collect your achievements… I wonder if there are any secrets! And if anyone else can point me in the direction of a similar browser game please do.

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