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Enterprising soul Alex Wellerstein, has come up with a novel use for Google maps. You can now drop pin on any City, town or elementary school and see how different sized nuclear warheads would devastate them. It’s a little scary really, popping it down on a place you’re very familiar with makes it all that more real. When you see the rings projecting out covering all those beloved spots.

It could also be handy in a nuclear holocaust, just drop a pin down on the nukes location and you’ll be able to see which of your favourite deli’s or nightspots would have survived the blow. You will no longer have to risk radiation poisoning on a trip out to Subway only to find it’s been vaporised.

The map gives you information about fireball, air blast and radiation radii amongst others. So have fun and enjoy Nukemap. Remember though, some of those yields are for weapons that were non nuclear but most of them are marked.

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