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As you can see I’ve been putting up a few more posts, I have really got back into the swing of things with the site. There were a few errors and issues on the site which I decided to fix, tags weren’t working and there were a few issues with back-end stuff. I also fixed a lot of XHTML validation errors that had snuck in with my sloppy posting. I also made sure everything was up to date and added some new plugins. Finally a made a bunch of minor visual changes like a background, new icons and generally tidying up the design and making it a little easier to post things like single images and videos. IMO it looks a lot neater now.

I’ve been putting together ideas for V4NT0M.COM and hopefully I’ll get that coded up soon, I’m still a little torn on my other project and am putting together a few mock ups but not sure which site to get going first. Hopefully Ill also have some more interesting posts to put on here. I have decided to write a few articles a month which might bring through a little more traffic as I haven’t really posted much of worth in a long time.

On a final note I had a quick look at my analytics for which showed that the site had received as many visits in the last month as it had done for the entire 2 years prior. I guess it’s to do with a few popular links that came my way from gaming sites because of the launch of the new XCOM game.

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