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Android Desktop

Some time ago, 2009 to be exact I posted about my android desktop at the time and information on how to make it look nice. It’s kind of sad to look back now as things have moved on quite considerably. Not only have phone specs and resolution increased exponentially since then but so too have the applications available for customisation.

As you can see above I have completely replaced the stock Android experience with my own unique UI. That is what I love about Android, from it’s humble beginnings with simple widgets and customisations to the complete and wholesale changes you see above Android has always been about being open and personal.

The main tools I used to create the above screens are Nova Launcher Prime (allows me to perfectly place widgets by overlapping them) and most importantly UCCW. UCCW or Ultimate Custom Widget is one of the easiest to use and powerful apps I have ever used on Android. It is definitely the best widget I have ever used. With UCCW you no longer have to search and download the widget of your dreams or learn to code. You can quickly and easily make your own.

If anyone is interested I may put together a video tutorial on how to get the above effects. The icons used in the screen are mostly from the Minumal MIUI theme, with quite a custom made by myself and I had to make some higher res versions as the smaller icons did not scale well.

If you would like a closer look, the above screen is available here in full resolution.

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