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Well, the motherboard arrived today and sadly it seems that was not the issue, so there’s another Phenom coming tomorrow, hopefully I won’t have to for out for any more parts before I lose my sanity, though without knowing much about the old motherboard and not being able to connect the case speaker up to the mobo it’s difficult to tell, hopefully the processor will come early. Getting sick of doing everything on the laptop and want to get cracking with some more website stuff, and speaking of websites hopefully I will be able to get my old domains back online soon 🙂

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Yet again boredom made me do random things, I decided to pick up a little image upload program so if I wanted to host a pic I wouldnt have to use another site or load up FTP, so I grabbed a simple image uploading script and spruced it up with some preset bbcode & html copy/paste boxes and with the experience I’ve gained of PHP thumbnailing, look at the lovely thumbnails it makes me;

As you can see it adds the file size details and a nice little magnifying glass just for no apparent reason obviously they’re a little low quality, but who cares its a thumbnail, less bandwidth. Man I love mod_rewrite, it makes life so much easier changing a string like /thumb.php?w=250&fltr[]=wmi|zoom.gif|TL|85|0|0|&fltr[]=bord|2|&fltr[]=wmt|^Xx^Y\ (^FkKB)|11|B|FFFFFF|arial.ttf|100|7||000000|100|x&src=26446.jpg into /thumbs/26446.jpg is chronicles of ridiculous.

Time I went to bed, more random crap tomorrow, might start posting some interesting stuff! In the mean time play some spore 😉

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Gone are the days when GPUs were only used to make your favourite games look great, using GPUs to do actual computing tasks is the in thing. GPUs being harnessed for number crunching have already helped push the folding@home project past 4 Petaflops, the GPU client alone counts for around 2 Petaflops, for comparison that’s more than twice the computing power of the worlds fastest supercomputers.

Sticking with the folding@home client for now, currently there are around 20,000 GPU clients ‘folding’ producing around 2 Petaflops (2000 Teraflops) and we’ll assume for arguments sake that the average folder’s PC cost around £500, which is a little high as one can make a system capable of running the client for quite a bit less and I’m not counting montiors etc, but we’ll assume and average gamer. 20,000 x £500 = £10,000,000. Each Blue Gene/L (one of the top supercomputers around) hits around 6 Teraflops per rack each rack consisting of 1,024 dual core PowerPC based processors and cost (2004 data) around £1,000,000 each. Matching the price of the GPU folders Blue Gene/L racks thats only 10 racks pumping out 60 Teraflops, further; to reach 60 Teraflops with GPU folding the cost is around £300,000.

More to come on this, some of us have to sleep.

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Meh, looks like no new motherboard until Thursday at least, I guess I’ll have to rot my brain on television instead. In the meantime I think I’ll move this blog to the main chaoticsignal website as I’ve decided rather than it be my personal boring blog it will be a place for me to dump my thoughts and theories.

If you were wondering, the title phrase comes from family guy, I’d link a video but it’s not online anywhere 🙁 Just imagine punk’d but instead of people getting punk’d they get a tomahawk to the forehead!

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Well wouldn’t you know it, my pc has kicked the bucket, being only 2 months old I can only /facepalm and what looks like buy a new motherboard, I spent about 2 hours going through every diagnostic I could think of even taking every single thing out of the case including the motherboard and no luck. The question is whether to wait until the end of the month or order a motherboard now!

Perfect end to the week i think, with phil not being in work I’ve had to get the train, let me tell you; it’s no fun getting up at 5:30am then walking a mile to the train station (carrying laptop and food), then when I get home, once i’ve had some food and a bath it’s 10/11pm before i’ve done anything. I was exhausted last night 🙁

/kicks pc

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Have been having a blast playing GRID from Codemasters, graphics are brilliant and the “career” mode is quite relaxed and varied, not to mention pretty easy to pick up, here’s a FRAPs of the first race I ever did, not especially good but the replay still looks awesome.

Download (HD): AVI 63MB (840×524/4mbps)

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I’ve been watching closely as Aion edges ever so slowly towards an unnamed release date, as I’ve become completely bored of WoW, I hope Aion’s gameplay is as good as it’s graphics, either way I was bored and decided to make a montage of my favourite videos so far, along with a nice soundtrack.

Download (HD): AVI 32MB (1280×720/4mbps)

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