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Not that this website gets enough hits (or ever will) for stats to be important or even relevant, but as usual this site is acting as a testing ground, I’ve been looking for a stats program that looks nice and has everything I need and assumed I did not have access to install stuff on my server, however, it appears I have shell access and set about installing the lovely AWSstats as I’ve used that before.

Took a little getting used to but I got it working perfectly, set up the hourly cron job to update the files and then found the fantastic JAWStats, which is a quick modification to make AWStats look and play very nicely, take a look, there’s not much in the way of statistics there at the moment as my host was only keeping a few days of stats at a time, now the stats program is up and running I would have continuous stats from now on, and I’ll be installing this stat package wherever I go as its probably the tidiest most complete one I’ve found.

JAWStats JAWStats JAWStats

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Posted: Last modified: November 8, 2008 @ 4:15 am