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I forgot how much I loved Gears of War, playing Gears 2 brings back all the awesome memories, sadly the beauty of the graphics is lost on me now, Gears 2 looks great, but partially due to the choice of scenes in Gears 2 and me being spoilt by all the latest games I didnt find myself saying “omg this game is beautiful” over and over as I did with the first.

What I did find myself saying was “omg this game is awesome” the action in gears is great and whilst keeping the general tactics and feel of the game the same, they’ve ramped up the action, there’s now a lot more going on and it doesn’t feel as much that it’s you against the world. Maybe a bad thing, I missed the atmosphere from the first game, but change is good. I didn’t make the following trailer, but I just like to put videos up, and I’m testing my other servers to see what kind of speed they get.

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