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After hours of trying last night I’ve finally perfected video streaming from my server, basically this means that like on Youtube I can now put videos up and be able to seek to any point within the video without having the whole file loaded, something which I thought was not possible without custom server side software. However xmoov changed all that, check out the Far Cry 2 video a couple of posts down, as it’s a relatively long file you might want to skip through it, as we speak I’m updating the flv files so they will work.

I’ll probably write a quick guide on it at some point because as simple as the setup seems it did take me quite a while to get it working properly, especially with large files (the code needs a fix).

You may also notice the new skin on the latest videos; I found a nice skin for the JW FLVPlayer which I used originally, this and the [now] easy streaming capabilities mean that I’ll be using the JW player from now on. It also means I can skin Youtube videos too 😀

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