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Just thought I would share a few of the snaps I’ve taken with the W110, had a lot of fun messing around with it and have a few things like a light tent and a tripod. I am feeling a little limited by the camera though, but definitely need the general experience I think before I splash out more on a DSLR and maybe need to make sure it’s not just a fad. Either way these are a few of my favorite photos;

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I’ve also gone and ordered a couple of Gundam models, always liked the anime and recently watched Gundam Seed Destiny, wanted to find one that really didn’t need painting. In the end though I decided to pay an extra bit for some craft materials to do a good job of it like a bit of paint, a craft knife, things like that, won’t get here for a while though from HK. Will definitley get some photos of them when I’m done.

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