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Apocalyspe UFOpedia
X-COM Apocalypse

So after completing the other X-COM games’ UFOpedias I finally found the images to make the X-COM Apocalypse UFOPEDIA, probably the most important because there doesn’t actually appear to be another one online anywhere. Yet again I used more PHP to achieve relative page links by using elseif statements, much easier yet again than crafting each page by hand. Is there anything that PHP can’t do?

Whilst I was coding the new UFOpedia I also came across a strange problem with the USOpedia in which some of the PNG menu images were brighter than others even though they looked the same in my image editors. I tracked the problem down to an apparent core issue with PNGs and browsers, apparently the gamma information that is saved within PNG files is interpreted differently by different browsers, I headed along to this page and righted all the wrongs.

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Posted: Last modified: March 22, 2010 @ 3:52 am