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I keep forgetting which EQ is which for my A40s and instead of digging out the manual (or using my brain) I made these handy images which you can save or print to remind you which equalizer setting is which: White / Black / Above / Desktop

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My desk and stuff (again).

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Upper playground tags are nice and retro, the surround sound is awesome 🙂

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My new Soundblaster Z, a long needed upgrade from onboard sound… OMG sooo good! This is turning into a gear blog 😮

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They’re called blister packs for a reason, it takes half an hour to get into them and you end up with cuts and blisters!

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It’s so shiny!

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A clear winner?

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So far I am finding that the Nexus 10 is a great piece of kit and a bargain at it’s current price. For prospective buyers who haven’t managed to get one yet or who are holding off for more information I can at least give you the skinny on how the Nexus 10 handles gaming and you’re probably interested in that as you’ve arrived here somehow.

The Screen
The Nexus 10’s screen is not only the highest resolution Android display, it’s also the highest resolution tablet display anywhere. It does look great and I can confirm that with 300dpi you will be wondering “who needs anti-alaising?”. In 3D games objects are sharp and satisfying, the only problem this causes is that those sharp lines really draw more attention to the generally low resolution textures on most Android games.

Here’s a few screenshots I’ve taken with the Nexus 10 and the XOOM 2, the Xoom has what is considered to be the standard 1280×800 display and as you can see from the screenshots below the Nexus 10 is looking really tidy with twice the resolution. In order to illustrate the difference in detail the Nexus 10 shot is original size and the XOOM 2 has been doubled with no processing, this reflects the same difference in DPI you will see with the real devices.

Read more…

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I absolutely love this game, there are only a few built in tracks, but using the built in radio stations you can play for hours with new music. This game looks catastrophically good for an android game and looks horrendously good on my nexus 10.

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I was finally in to collect my nexus 10 today, it’s pretty dam fantastic…

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