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I really want to get one of these. Makes me wonder what the future will hold when these drones are powered by AI.

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My current PC setup 🙂

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Posted 4/11/2012 Views 390  
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I swear too much!

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Posted 30/10/2012 Views 276  

I want to go into space 🙁

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I have nearly always used JW FLash player to play all of the original video content I have put on this site over the years but pretty much used the bog standard player and skin for that whole time. Never really tried to skin it. Lately though I thought I would give it a try and this is the result. Play and pause button have been removed and there is no container for the bar itself.

I think it looks nice and clean, I have added a slight shadow to the icons so they are not invisible on a white background. It is designed only to be used with the controlbar ‘over’ configuration, making it disappear most of the time anyway.

If you have any problems or suggestions please drop me a comment below and I’ll be sure to take a look.

EDIT: I was not 100% happy with the skin so I made a lot of changes, the new skin “skinimal 2” is now the main player above. Skinimal 2 has a volume slider and a few other minor changes.

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Posted 25/10/2012 Views 281  

Some more footage from Waves, it’s a little more entertaining as I’ve gotten better 🙂

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As you can see I’ve been putting up a few more posts, I have really got back into the swing of things with the site. There were a few errors and issues on the site which I decided to fix, tags weren’t working and there were a few issues with back-end stuff. I also fixed a lot of XHTML validation errors that had snuck in with my sloppy posting. I also made sure everything was up to date and added some new plugins. Finally a made a bunch of minor visual changes like a background, new icons and generally tidying up the design and making it a little easier to post things like single images and videos. IMO it looks a lot neater now.

I’ve been putting together ideas for V4NT0M.COM and hopefully I’ll get that coded up soon, I’m still a little torn on my other project and am putting together a few mock ups but not sure which site to get going first. Hopefully Ill also have some more interesting posts to put on here. I have decided to write a few articles a month which might bring through a little more traffic as I haven’t really posted much of worth in a long time.

On a final note I had a quick look at my analytics for which showed that the site had received as many visits in the last month as it had done for the entire 2 years prior. I guess it’s to do with a few popular links that came my way from gaming sites because of the launch of the new XCOM game.

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Posted 24/10/2012 Views 64  

Great little dual stick shooter.

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Posted 23/10/2012 Views 83  
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