• Aion combo video

    Also on Youtube.

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  • White or Black?

    I’m going to get myself a Sony MWD in a little while, it’s a lovely little MP3 player which is a little bigger than your average USB flash drive but is also a 2GB MP3 player with up to 12 hours play time. Suits me down to the ground, no faffing with wires, software or […]

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  • <3 Cybran

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  • Halo Wars

    Just before I try out the demo I thought I would post this nice video showing some of the highlights of Halo Wars, it’s looking pretty good, very nice units, I’m still afraid it might not work very well with a 360 controller, but that’s what the demo is for, lets hope it blows me […]

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  • Defrag in Vista

    Anyone else not like the defrag tool in vista, not only does it not show you any kind of visual representation of the fragmentation of your disk or the fragmentation percentage, but it seems to take forever to complete it’s run, infact, on my laptop [250GB HDD] even after leaving it run for 10+ hours […]

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  • Been spendin’

    So yea, I bought another 20″ Widescreen monitor (LG L204WS) so my desk will be pretty much full of them, will be nice to have two monitors again too, especially since I’ll be doing a lot of website work, and ooh, I’ll be able to use the dual screen mode in games like Supreme Commander. […]

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  • Signatures

    I was bored and haven’t had a forum signature for a long time due to not having access to a lot of my old files, and now I have a desktop PC I can actually make something look half decent, just made a couple: I’ve Also used a few neat tricks to spruce things up […]

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  • Trials of the geek

    Here we are again, another component up and still the computer is dead, it’s mind boggling… Now my newer power supply seems to have bitten the dust. I cant help but think that the universe is trying to tell me something, because it certainly doesn’t make much sense. The only part that has now not […]

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  • Mobofail

    Well, the motherboard arrived today and sadly it seems that was not the issue, so there’s another Phenom coming tomorrow, hopefully I won’t have to for out for any more parts before I lose my sanity, though without knowing much about the old motherboard and not being able to connect the case speaker up to […]

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  • [poll id=”1″]

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