• JW Flash player skin ‘Skinimal 2’

    I have nearly always used JW FLash player to play all of the original video content I have put on this site over the years but pretty much used the bog standard player and skin for that whole time. Never really tried to skin it. Lately though I thought I would give it a try […]

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  • My new 404 page

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  • More posts about more stuff

    As you can see I’ve been putting up a few more posts, I have really got back into the swing of things with the site. There were a few errors and issues on the site which I decided to fix, tags weren’t working and there were a few issues with back-end stuff. I also fixed […]

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  • Get all nostalgic with retro MMO Browser Quest

    Foxy! Fancy spending 10 minutes with a charming 8bit looking MMO? Well now you can, thanks to a neat little browser game called Browser Quest. The game is made by Mozilla and whilst there is only 5 or 10 minutes of “Questing” it’s a nice, relaxed jaunt through what feels like such a familiar world. […]

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  • Pimp out your OCUK

    My most favoritest forums have been going for some time and have had that light blue look for even longer. So if like me you’re sick of that garish blue then check out the links below to pimp out your Overclockers forums and make it a little more professional looking. OVERCLOCKERS DARK THEME: To use […]

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  • A few Picasa web albums favicons

    I’ve been using Picasa a lot recently and paid the $5 for the extra storage as it’s very reasonable and I’ve got all of my photos from the past ten years nicely organised. If you’re interested you can check out my public gallery and see how messed up I am… Anyway I’m a little disappointed […]

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  • Dreamhost in review

    I have been with Dreamhost now for over a year and I thought I would share my experiences. I first signed up on a special deal for a completely unlimited package with all the disk space and bandwidth I can use for $10 a month (£6.50 to me). Obviously pretty cheap when I had previously […]

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  • New look Old look

    As you may or may not have noticed I have reverted back to the theme I originally used for the site, got sick of the mystique skin just being too big. One day I’ll have to design my own skin! Until then I have updated this one with lots of little icons. As you may […]

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  • More UFOs, More PHPs and PNGs

    X-COM Apocalypse So after completing the other X-COM games’ UFOpedias I finally found the images to make the X-COM Apocalypse UFOPEDIA, probably the most important because there doesn’t actually appear to be another one online anywhere. Yet again I used more PHP to achieve relative page links by using elseif statements, much easier yet again […]

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  • Youtube caption fail

    I was really looking forward to the inclusion of automatic captioning from Youtube, it seemed like a really easy way of providing information to deaf people and really giving more of a sense of completion to my videos. However, the whole system hinges on the accuracy of Youtube/Google’s voice recognition software. A few of my […]

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