• More posts about more stuff

    As you can see I’ve been putting up a few more posts, I have really got back into the swing of things with the site. There were a few errors and issues on the site which I decided to fix, tags weren’t working and there were a few issues with back-end stuff. I also fixed […]

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  • New sites on their way

    V4NT0M.COM has been registered which will play host to gaming reviews and stuff, I’ve also been posting a lot on tumblr. There’s another website I’m putting time into also but as of yet I’m holding off on the domain until I’m sure I’m going to go with it. I have another few ideas to, so […]

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  • A few Picasa web albums favicons

    I’ve been using Picasa a lot recently and paid the $5 for the extra storage as it’s very reasonable and I’ve got all of my photos from the past ten years nicely organised. If you’re interested you can check out my public gallery and see how messed up I am… Anyway I’m a little disappointed […]

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  • Grooveshark 2.0 Preview

    I’m a big fan of free legal music online, or at least music that tries to be legal. Spotify is great but to be honest has a much more limited music library than Grooveshark. I’m always there when I can’t find what I’m looking for on Spotify and it’s ok as a music playing tool […]

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  • The survey said

    Have just finished learning how to do a bit of flash, which was nice. I was trying to make a simple site which played a sound on clicking, as I knew nothing of flash I tried to find ways to do it via javascript, but that turned out to be very lame. I also tried […]

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