• Aion combo video

    Also on Youtube.

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  • Braid “Review”

    Imagine me airquoting “review” because I’m not very good at actually reviewing games, I find it hard to give games a score, or to say that X is better than Y. Because every review is subjective, there is no such thing as an objective review. So as usual, all I can do is to write […]

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  • Today I became a Daeva

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  • More Aion Beta

    This is a quick post just to add the video below and to link to some screenshots I’ve taken from the beta. I’ve been playing for a few hours and getting closer to level 10 (when you can get your wings I believe) I’m having fun and enjoying the combo system and the general feel […]

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  • Aion Chinese Beta

    So as you may know from some of my other posts I have been looking forward to playing Aion for some time, there is now a Chinese open beta out and I’ve just got it downloaded, installed and patched it with the English patch. Most of the text is in English and it plays quite […]

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  • And there was Sega and it was good

    This isn’t a real one I’m not exactly sure why, but I dug the Dreamcast out of storage and hooked it up today. Last time I tried it wouldn’t work, just a blank screen, it did exactly the same thing this time, no video and no sound. Apparently there was some kind of gunk in […]

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  • 20 minutes of F.E.A.R.2.

    Here’s one I made earlier, I was going to edit up a video of different levels and stuff, but in the end I decided “fuck it” and just made a 20 minute video from raw footage. So here is a full 20 minutes of unedited Fear 2. Note that it is a little dark (I […]

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  • Microcosm CD32 intro movie

    Yep you guessed it, been messing around with more childhood classics, this time it’s Microcosm on the CD32. I must have watched this FMV a million times when I was young, it was the best thing I had laid eyes on at the time. The game itself was pretty crap and by today’s standards the […]

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  • Retro Amiga action

    It’s funny how the smallest of things can set you off on a quest, someone recently linked a flash driving game on the OcUK forums, I enjoyed it but it reminded me of a game I used to have on the Amiga CD32 which was Super Skidmarks. I just love it, the different vehicles you […]

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  • FEAR 2

    After playing the terribly bad port of FEAR on the xbox I decided to get up to date with the franchise and play some FEAR 2 : Project Origin. I was actually impressed, firstly you have to understand that it’s nothing special, It’s not the best game ever or the most innovative, but it is […]

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